Biomass and Briquettes

  • Briquettes
  • Wood chips
  • Wood dust
  • Wood Shavings
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Biomass and Briquettes


Our contribution to turn our wood waste into renewable energy

  • Bio fuel
  • Sustainable energy
  • High Calorific value 4800-5200
  • Low ash content
Biomass and Briquettes

Wood chips

We supply wood chips for a variety of fuelling applications.

  • Bio fuel
  • Used in plantations
  • Used to manufacture compressed wood pallets
Biomass and Briquettes

Wood dust

Used in the production of environmentally friendly blocks

  • Used to manufacture compressed wood blocks
Biomass and Briquettes

Wood Shavings

In farms, it's used as a bedding for birds to lay their eggs.

  • Highly used in the pet industry