Protective Accessories

  • Angle Board
  • Pet strap
  • PP sheet
  • EPE foam
  • Polybag
  • Aluminium film
  • VCI film
  • Bubble wrap
  • Silica Gel
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Protective Accessories

Angle Board

Provides added strength to the corrugated boxes, which protects your merchandise.

  • Available In Brown
  • Standard sizes available
  • Lengths can be provided to suit your box size
  • Protects Corners Of Shipment
Protective Accessories

Pet Strap

Our high-strength pet straps ensure that your packaging is securely fastened.

  • Lashing
  • Strapping
Protective Accessories

PP sheet

Our professionals can create appropriate separators to guarantee that your goods is properly safeguarded.

  • Available in colours
  • Used as partition plates
Protective Accessories

EPE Foam

To assure the safety of your goods, our team devuses appropriate foam solutions.

  • Cushioning solutions
  • Absorbs Shocks
Protective Accessories


Suitable for defending the product against external factors like rain, mildew etc. Offers complete protection

  • Prevents water seepage
  • Product protection
Protective Accessories

Aluminium film

For long-term storage, GWP offers a comprehensive selection of corrosion inhibitors.

  • Flexible
  • Avoid Corrosion
  • Protect From Moisture
  • Toxic Free
Protective Accessories

VCI film

We provide the most appropriate Long-Term Storage Solutions.

  • Premium Protection
  • Avoids Rusting
  • Available in Roll Form
  • Custom Made Bags
Protective Accessories

Bubble wrap

Superior bubble and air void columns provide superior cushioning for your valuable items.

  • Ultimate Bubble Protection
  • Air Void Fill & Cushioning
  • Reduce Amount Of Packaging
Protective Accessories

Silica Gel

Our specialists can recommend the appropriate desiccant for your product.

  • Reduces Risk Of Rust
  • Small Pouches or containers
  • Economical solution To reduce Moisture